About us

It starts with seed…

We are a small young plant grower. Our specialty is vegetable seedlings and transplants.

Formerly known as Moore’s Greenhouse, this business began out of a desire to serve fellow growers and farmers in southern New Jersey in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

From seeds 2 plugs…

We consider ourselves to be a “boutique style” grower in the sense that we seed and grow per customer order and request. We are a small business and enjoy custom tailoring and providing unique and different products for all of our grower customers, whether horticultural or agricultural. Consequently, we generally do not have “bay ready” plugs or seed large amounts of one crop. We also like to collaborate with our customers for their plant needs for the upcoming seasons and develop a young plant and transplant line that is as unique and individual as their business!

We put the plant stem in STEM…

Besides growing for other area farms , we also do horticultural and agricultural research at our greenhouse and farm. This includes:

  • Seed and transplant trials for seed companies.
  • Plant variety research for garden and field performance.
  • Integrated Pest Management techniques and strategies.
  • Plant pathology and disease management, especially in the cucurbit family.

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