Seeds 2 Plugs LLC

By the Moore Family – formerly of Moore’s Greenhouse. We are a small family owned and operated wholesale greenhouse that raises seedlings and transplants for agriculture businesses in southern New Jersey.


It starts with seed…

We grow seedlings for local farmers and agricultural businesses.

We also produce “plugs” and “starter” plants or transplants for sale commercially. Our specialties are vegetables, herbs, and flowering annuals/cut flowers.

We are a working greenhouse and farm and conduct transplant trials, as well as various horticulture and agriculture research projects throughout the year. In the fall, we offer our own field grown pumpkins for purchase at local farm markets.

Our farm and greenhouse

“By the Numbers”


years of experience


2nd generation and woman co-owned


plug tray sizes to choose from – 50, 72, 128, 162, 288, 512.

Why Purchase From Us:

Our seedlings and young plants are ideal for busy growers and farmers who need quality transplants for market or the fields. We are also a small wholesale grower and serve a small customer base. This enables us to do custom seed sowing per customer and offer an array of plant products tailored to each business’ needs.

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