Prepping for the 2023 Plug Season

Holiday greetings and warmest winter wishes!

Before we close out 2022 and change our desk calendars to 2023 we wanted to provide some important updates for the spring plug season.

We are NOT keeping “greenhouse hours” from now through January 8, 2023 to clean and disinfect the houses ahead of spring seed sowing and plug production.

ALL plug orders that we are providing seed for are due at 4PM on Saturday, New Year’s Eve (12/31).

Vegetable and herb plug orders that we are providing the seed for and/or ANY plug orders where seed is being provided are due by 5PM, Martin Luther King Day, 1/16/2023.

If you would like us to sow seed for you and the seed is backordered or you are planning on bringing the seed in February, we need to know about the order by 1/16/2023 and we can seed the items as the seed is provided or comes in.

Our cut-off for ANY and ALL spring and early summer 2023 plug orders is February 12th, 2023. Again, you can let us know about a future order (such as melons for April seeding/May transplant), but after this date we will NOT be considering any additional orders due to greenhouse space and needing to accommodate orders that were previously received.

2022 saw our plug and young plant business increase sixfold in a matter of a few weeks. We are truly blessed for everyone’s trust, business, and support these past 12 months. 2022 also saw several projects successfully come to fruition. Some of them we will be repeating, other we will not due to our desire to focus more on plug production for local greenhouses and area farmers.

We truly could not have done 2022 without all of you! We are looking forward to some winter down time before its plant baby season once again!

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Corporate girl turned young plant grower. Currently pursuing my B.S. in Horticulture Science. My specialties are plant pathology, greenhouse production, and floriculture.

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